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About The Lazy Hygienist

The Lazy Hygienist is a leading provider of dental continuing education. Our courses are designed to help dental professionals maintain their licenses and stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and technologies in the field. We offer a variety of live events and self-study programs to accommodate busy schedules. Our team of experienced instructors is dedicated to providing high-quality education that is both informative and engaging.

Who we are. . .

Breezy and Chelsea were fast friends in hygiene school after sitting next to each other in room 310 (IYKYK) for two years. After graduation, they both joined the executive board of the Dallas Dental Hygienists’ Association where they learned the importance of being a part of your professional organization. Naturally, this led to a passion of empowering hygienists to become the best versions of themselves. Breezy and Chelsea have years of experience in organizing and executing continuing education programs and conferences. Pretty much since graduation, however, the pair asked themselves - how can we make this easier… how can we make this better? The mission of The Lazy Hygienist is to provide hygienists with comprehensive, easy to use resources to make licensing renewals breezy (insert wink emoji). The Lazy Hygienists hope to encourage other hygienists to simplify their professional responsibilities, while maintaining a level of excellence in providing patient-care, so that they can spend those precious minutes doing the things they love - other than thinking about teeth, of course.   

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